At Arhag, we value people and respect their differences.

We recognise that we work in diverse communities and that some groups are more likely to experience disadvantage and discrimination because of a protected characteristic.

We are committed to knowing who our customers are and what their needs are in order to provide appropriate, accessible services

We will:

  • Deliver services which are accessible to all and meet the needs of our diverse residents.
  • Provide a range of opportunities for residents to become involved in Arhag, and apply our commitment to equality & diversity in any resident involvement recruitment and selection processes.
  • Regularly review our policies, procedures and practices to ensure they do not disadvantage any group.
  • Encourage groups and individuals that are disadvantaged in housing and employment to apply for jobs, homes and work contracts.
  • Expect everyone who works for us, and with us, to support us in this.
  • Identify and incorporate good practice in equality and diversity.