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As a social landlord we actively seek to engage residents and support them in achieving their potential and their aspirations.  We do this not only as a part of our social responsibility but also because it is good for our business. 

As a well-managed and responsible landlord, we ensure that our Board, executive, operational managers and staff are clear about our priorities and our core business.  Our core business can be viewed broadly as those activities which drive our financial strength and those that drive our resident satisfaction.  Performance across our core business is closely managed and the results reported monthly to the Senior Management Team and quarterly to the Board. The performance information given below is updated quarterly.

Core Performance - April to March 2016/17

Rent Collection 100%+ of Rent Due for the Year 102.5%
Current Rent Arrears Max. 2.5% of Gross Rent for the Year 2.4%
Rent Arrears Evictions* No Target Set (see note below)* 5 Evictions for Rent Arrears
Average GN Void Turnaround Time 22 Days 22 Days
Void Rent Loss Max. 1% of Gross Rent for the Year  0.24%
Responsive Repairs Completed on-Time  98% of Completed Repairs 94.5%
Satisfaction with Responsive Repairs Service   90% of Survey Responses
(Responses: 40%+ of Jobs Done)
Satisfaction with Planned Repairs Service  92% of Survey Responses
(Responses: 40%+ of Jobs Done)
Estate Inspections Carried Out  95% of Inspections Due 98.7%

* We do everything we can to assist residents including; help with benefits, money management, seeking work, career advice etc.  However, as a last resort, we can and do evict residents for not paying their rent.

Quarterly Reporting Periods: 1st - April to June; 2nd - April to September; 3rd - April to December; 4th - April to March