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Arhag's Energy Conservation Standards

Energy conservation will always be one of the highest considerations of Arhag when carrying out maintenance improvements.

Our existing housing stock:

Our energy conservation programme sets out to reduce energy consumption and therefore CO2 emissions in the following ways:

  • All the gas boilers we install will be of the highly efficient condensing design this will reduce household gas consumption.
  • The upgrading of inefficient and ageing heating systems through the central heating & asbestos management programme.
  • Install efficient condensing boilers and modern energy efficient controls, providing savings for residents and the environment.
  • Window replacement programme.
  • Identify funding in the rewiring programme or cyclical repairs and redecoration programme to continue with the installation of low energy lighting to communal areas and the fitting of optical lighting sensors.
  • Work in partnership with other organisations to provide free energy savings bulbs to our residents.
  • In properties of a solid wall construction (no cavity), consideration will be given to external insulation where appropriate.
  • Work closely with Local Authorities where funding is available for additional internal insulation works to have Arhag properties in the borough that meet a set criteria included in their (the Council’s) programme.

New developments:

Arhag aspires to attain a Code for Sustainable Housing level 4 (CSH4) in most cases where cost permits this; otherwise, a minimum code level 3 (CSH3) will be achieved.