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Feedback & surveys

Survey of Tenants & Residents (STAR) 2012/13

We routinely survey our residents to understand levels of satisfaction with our services (e.g. repairs to residents’ homes).  In addition to the routine, day-to-day surveys, every three years we conduct a large scale satisfaction and demographic survey of residents.  During 2012/13 we carried out our latest Survey of Tenants & Residents (STAR).  The STAR is carried out using a standardised format produced by HouseMark (a service provided by the National Housing Federation and the Chartered Institute of Housing).

It is very important that we collect information on our residents' households (the demographic information).  We need this information to allow us to identify residents most at risk from the welfare reform changes (benefit changes) such as the bed-room tax and benefit capping, as well as helping us to better design and deliver our services in an efficient and equal way. 

523 residents responded to the survey, either by posting the survey form back to our consultants or by taking part in telephone interviews.  Thank you to everyone who took part in the survey.  Of the 523 residents who took part, 372 (48% of all Arhag residents) were asked to rate their satisfaction with Arhag’s services.  The results can be seen in the table below.

We have 778 homes at the present time, which means that 255 residents did not take part in the survey.  Our staff will be contacting those who did not respond to gather this important information and, of course, to make sure that none of our homes have been illegally sub-let.

As well as asking our residents for information about their households and their satisfaction with our services, we also ask residents to tell us what their top five priorities are, in respect to having Arhag as their landlord.  The top five priorities are listed below in priority order;

  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Overall quality of the home
  • Listening to residents’ views and acting on them
  • Value for money from the rent and service charges
  • Neighbourhood as a place to live

The key results of the STAR for 2012/13 are given below, with the results of the survey conducted in 2009 given in brackets.  As can be seen, satisfaction levels have improved significantly over the past three years.





Overall Satisfaction

78% (66%)

13% (20%)

9% (14%)

Repairs & Maintenance

71% (61%)

18% (34%)

11% (5%)

Overall Quality of the Home

76% (68%)

16% (26%)

8% (6%)

Listening to residents’ views

66% (59%)

15% (21%)

19% (20%)

Value for money

67% (63%)

12% (19%)

21% (18%)


80% (74%)

9% (10%)

11% (16%)