Annual Gas Safety Inspection

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Arhag is legally required to carry out an annual gas safety inspection within properties that have gas central heating. Therefore, it's important that you allow access to our appointed gas contractor, K&T Heating.

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We are legally required to ensure all gas central heating systems in our properties are safe for use. This means the systems must be serviced once every year.

You will be contacted by Arhag’s appointed heating contractor K&T with a servicing date. If the date is unsuitable, you should make contact and provide a date suitable to you. The K&T Heating team is flexible and is happy to re-schedule appointments if you need them changed. You can contact K&T at 020 8269 4542 or you can email them directly at

The majority of our residents allow access for the Annual Gas Safety Inspection to take place. However, failure to allow access will result in the Association taking further action to ensure that your safety and that of your neighbours are not compromised.