Reporting Emergency and Routine Repair Issues to MNM

Thursday, May 16, 2024

For repair issues not under your responsibility as an Arhag resident, contact MNM Property Services at 020 8438 1853 or After reporting, you'll receive a reference number and priority category.

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MNM Property Services is Arhag's appointed responsive repairs contractor. If you wish to report any repair issues that don’t fall under your responsibility as an Arhag resident, please remember to direct such issues directly to MNM at 020 8438 1853, or you can email them at

Once you have reported the repair issue, MNM should provide you with a reference number and explain the priority category your repair issue falls under.

Emergency Call-Outs: MNM also attends emergency call-outs. Please report emergency call-outs both during regular hours and outside of regular hours using the same phone number (020 8438 1853).