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Anti-Social Behaviour beaten in joint effort

Friday, January 11, 2019

Arhag residents joined forces with their Housing Officer and Local police to tackle Anti-Social Behaviour at their homes. 

Grove Street, North London, home to over 10 key workers, was faced with high levels of Anti-Social Behaviour in the summer of 2018. This came in the form of unauthorised people breaking into the communal areas and causing damage to lights, gates, and doors. 

The area very quickly became victim to regular intrusion, with drug users, prostitutes, and rough sleepers frequenting the communal areas. After numerous occasions repairing and replacing lights, locks, and gates, the issue did not stop. 

The Housing Officer for Grove Street, Abeer Suleiman, who was working closely with residents, had taken further action and began working with the police. 

Residents were encouraged to report incidents to 101 or 999 in cases of emergencies as often as they felt necessary to ensure the issues were formally logged with local police. This way, the local policing teams were able to dedicate resources to a particular area and respond to the need as raised over the phone. 

A meeting was arranged with the local policing team and residents of Grove Street to discuss the issues, here a plan of action was put together to tackle the ASB.

The police were happy to increase patrols in the area, whilst Arhag carried out the necessary repairs and improvements including the installation of a CCTV camera to ensure the block remained safe and secure for residents. Regular CCTV monitoring allowed us to share footage of incidents to the police, and monitor individuals behaviour and patterns. Abeer continued to liaise with the police throughout the summer and by the end of the year, the issues had been resolved. 

More recently, in December 2018 one resident, who had been traumatising neighbours for a number of years with noise nuisance, and abusive behaviour has been evicted. After a long history of trying to work with the resident, and a number of official warnings, legal action was taken and the courts awarded an eviction order. 

This type of eviction however, is highly unusual, and there are many steps that have to be tried before this level of action can be taken. 

If you are faced with noise nuisance, abusive neighbours, or your estate is being accessed by non-authorised persons, do not hesitate to get in touch with your Housing Officer on 0207 424 7370 or report it online here.