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Course Boosting Chance of Jobs in Stratford

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The course, Rise Into Employment, involves five weekly sessions of group learning, followed by five weeks in guaranteed volunteer or work placements, before landing an NCFE entry level qualification in employability.

John Mayford, chief executive of Olmec, said: “We really focus on the development of individuals and we like to focus on making sure they’re working towards there aspirations.

“It’s very important to focus on individual needs to help them realise their full potential, so we find out what is there dream job and work backwards from there.”

It could be anything from help writing CVs, interview tips, job search assistance, training oppportunities or just work placements.

“Lots of people are in work, but in work poverty, we have to put people first and priortise their needs,” he said.

“Our target was to get 30 people on the course and it’s gone above that, we have 37 participants.”

Olmec and Arhag have joined in partnership for the next five years to run courses across the capital, especially in the borough of Newham, where they have linked up with the library at the Grove.

Participant, Jem Barton, said: “It’s basically giving you skills for life, the way he breaks it down gives you the inside of what we need to achieve.

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