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Our Succession and Assignment Article

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Passing on your tenancy to someone else – assignment and succession. 

Assured tenants of Arhag have rights, in particular circumstances, to pass their home and the tenancy that goes with it to another person. Arhag has introduced new policies for its tenants in two important areas called 'assignment' and 'succession'. A brief guide is given below.

Can I pass on my tenancy during my lifetime? (Assignment)

Arhag assured tenants can only assign their tenancy in certain circumstances and if permission is granted. If you want to assign your tenancy please contact your housing officer for advice. If you do not have permission and transfer your tenancy anyway you could still be legally responsible for paying the rent and the person who moves in could be evicted. 

Can I pass on my tenancy when I die? (Succession)

This legal process is called 'succession' and it can normally only happen once. 

If you have a joint tenancy, the other tenant will automatically take over the tenancy if you die.

If you are a sole tenant, there are rules about who the tenancy can be passed on to. If the sole tenant dies, the tenancy can normally pass to their spouse, civil partner or partner. This can only take place if the tenancy has not previously been passed on. A successor must live in the property as their ‘only or principal home’.

For help and advice please contact your housing officer.