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Save money on your fuel bills

Friday, May 29, 2015

The Green Doctor service is a friendly home visit to asses your energy use and to identify how you could be using less and saving more.

Resident’s Get Green

Earlier this year a group of residents took part in basic energy saving training.  This interactive session gave candidates a chance to learn new techniques to save energy around the home which ultimately helps them to reduce the money they spend on their bills.

As well as the training over 40 residents have been taking advantage of our Green Doctors.  The Doctors have been visiting homes providing advice and guidance on how to best to save energy and money, they carry out a home inspections and where they see fit they provide residents with energy saving equipment.  Many residents have been provided with free items such as radiator reflectors, water saving shower heads, draught excluders and owl monitors.  All of which will see the home be more energy efficient whilst cutting down on utility bills.

If you would like a home visit by a Green Doctor then contact Komal on 020 7424 7381 or email kdoan@arhag.co.uk

A visit will help:

  • Change tariffs or switch suppliers
  • Advice you on how you can make simple changes to help save money
  • Provide you with energy saving equipment so you can start saving straight away
  • Help you track your savings over time
  • Educate you on how you can help yourself
  • Receive an energy monitor worth £100

This is a FREE service open to a limited amount of Arhag residents.