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Supporting residents facing financial hardship

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Arhag is committed to ensuring residents’ welfare and wellbeing and ability to manage their tenancies and overcome challenges caused by cuts to benefits and rising cost of living.

An Arhag resident, Mrs A, fell into considerable rent arrears. This was as a result of difficulties re-claiming housing benefit. All attempts made by the housing officer to see Mrs A in order to understand the reason for the rent arrears failed so a notice seeking possession was served. Still Mrs A did not contact the housing officer therefore Arhag commenced legal action to terminate the tenancy.

It was at this stage that Mrs A contacted Arhag.  Mrs A had been going through difficult times and was under a lot of stress.  She did not re-apply for housing benefit and did not know how to request a back date of benefit.

Even at this late stage, Arhag made a referral to their independent advisory partner, Community Links. They have dedicated officers who will devote time, effort and expertise into giving residents advice on their welfare rights including claim for housing benefit, managing debts with utility companies, credit card companies and with banks.

Community Links conduct two surgeries for Arhag: one at Kentish Town office and the other at Arhag's Keogh Road Hostel in Stratford.

Mrs A was referred to see the adviser from Community Links. After attending the surgery, the adviser helped to package a backdate claim to the housing benefit office. This resulted in the backdate payment of over £3,000 which cleared all the arrears in Mrs A rent account.

Mrs A now has one less problem to worry about - losing her home and becoming homeless.

If you have any difficulty paying your rent, managing your finances, coping with payments to banks, credit card companies, utility companies, contact us.

We are here to help you manage your finances and keep your home.

If you want to make an appointment to see Community Links, please call us on 0207 424  7370.