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Our Commitment to Migrants & Refugees

As an organisation Arhag strives to be the best landlord we can be, providing excellent homes and services to our residents. We have been delivering the award winning RISE into Employment programme helping Arhag residents secure employment, and we are currently carrying out regular external satisfaction surveys by CallerZ to better understand your views and we will be taking these on board and developing improvement plans to ensure you can be proud of where you live. 

Arhag Housing Association was originally created as a campaigning organisation, fighting for the rights of Migrants and refugees in London. As a BME Organisation, with over 900 homes across 15 London Boroughs, we are reverting back to our roots, providing support services to Migrants and Refugees around the capitol, and placing our social purpose back in the centre of our work.

Our Vision is to ensure every Migrant and Refugee in London has a good home, is empowered to safeguard their individual rights, have their voice heard and make a full contribution to their community. 

Through our commitment to Migrants and Refugees we plan to become the ‘Go To’ organisation for all Migrants and Refugees across London. We will achieve this by developing partnerships and delivering a number of different projects, and services ranging from-  

  • Housing Advice
  • Employment Advice
  • Digital Support
  • Immigration Advice
  • Health Care Services

But first, to enable us to provide these services, we have purchased a brand new office/ community hub space in Stratford, East London, which will be opening towards the end of 2018. This office will be shared with a number of different organisations, all of which will have services available to Arhag residents; we will also have a community space for residents to get together, get involved and enjoy a range of activities.