The People’s Place is a unique space for our residents, partners, local communities and migrants & refugees. It's a place for collaboration, where we can all come together with a shared common goal - to support and campaign for the rights of migrants and refugees in the UK.

Just some of the services that can be found here are:

  • Housing advice & Support
  • Benefits & Welfare Advice
  • Business & Social Enterprise Support
  • Digital Training
  • Access to Health Care
  • Immigration Advice
  • Counselling & Support for Women
  • Research and Advocacy

This major initiative in ARHAG’s development is our business centre but it also provides the facility to drive better services for our M&R clients, providing a new amenity, serving and supporting the surrounding community in and around Newham. This facility will be capable of operating outside accepted core working hours, thereby striving to deliver 24-hour services and maximising the use of available resources.

The People’s Place Hub was fitted out to a high specification, allowing ARHAG Housing Association and it’s partners at that time to move in in June 2019 and start work immediately. Our partnership is one of collaboration, we all come together with a shared common goal - to support and campaign for the rights of migrants and refugees in the UK.

The People's Place was created to be - A welcoming accessible community hub which brings together a number of migrant and refugee organisations working collaboratively to deliver a range of complimentary high quality efficient services for migrants and refugees

  • Provide a welcoming and safe community facility where migrants and refugees can access and navigate across a range of high quality services easily
  • Fostering collaboration and cross-promotion between partners, services and visitors in The People's Place
  • Enables partners to combine back office functions to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and strengthen the competitiveness and sustainability for each organisation
  • Increases opportunities for partners to secure new business, growth and funding through a collaborative approach that promotes co-location and an integrated approach to service delivery.

Equality and promotion of rights

  • Promotion of human rights and women's rights
  • Commitment to equality within the space
  • Safe and confidential, respect for confidentiality
  • Clear roles and responsibilities of partners and landlord
  • Trust

A welcoming place

  • Welcoming atmosphere for all visitors
  • A safe place for all service users, volunteers and staff
  • Delivering good customer service

Working together

  • Strong ethos of partnership working
  • Collaboration and support across partners
  • Information sharing protocols
  • Promoting best practice
  • Respect and supporting the capacity of the other organisations

Focused on Migrants and Refugees

  • Focused on their needs
  • Engaging with Migrants & Refugees
  • Empowering service users
  • Support communities to play a full and active role in society
  • Delivery of quality Migrant and Refugee services
  • One partnership with a combined voice - Migration positive


  • Promotion of innovation and creativity
  • Developing work streams and initiative which are sustainable in the longer term
  • Being a fun place to work where the generation of ideas are supported

Openness and integrity

  • Transparent and open decision making processes
  • Maintaining integrity and reputation
  • Creating an environment based on trust and respect