How to handle your debts

If you are behind with payments to someone you owe money to, including Arhag, they have the legal power to try to get their money. What action they can take depends on the type of debt and some debts are more serious than others. These debts may be for rent, utilities bills, council tax, credit cards, fines, TV licence, catalogue, housing benefits overpayments or money borrowed from family and friends.  Ignoring the situation will only make things worse.

Getting Help

If you are behind with your rent you need to respond quickly to our telephone calls and letters and come to an arrangement with us to repay the arrears. If you don’t it could end up in Court. The court may issue a Possession Order which will bring your tenancy to an end.

It is always important to talk to your housing officer explaining your circumstances and the reasons why you are behind with your rent payments. Your housing officer may be able to reach a payment arrangement with you to cover your weekly rent obligation and pay off your rent arrears. We work closely with partner organisations to provide advice and support to residents when its needed. The organisations we work with do not judge, they are there to advise and help. Please contact your housing officer if you want to be referred to one the following:


Community Links

Community Links is an independent charity specialising in providing support to adults and families in a wide range of issues. We can refer you for help with advice on resolving housing benefits issues, renegotiate re-payments with bank and credit card companies, managing your money and help with other benefits or grants.


Toynbee Hall charity

Toynbee Hall provide free advice, helping people make their money go further, raising the aspirations of young people, and improving people's health and wellbeing. Toynbee Hall can help with budgeting, understanding how to negotiate better and more affordable debt re-payments and equip you with better ways for managing your money. Please contact your housing officer if you need a referral for our 'Money Management' training.



Foodbanks are set up across London for people who are in crisis, vouchers can be given out by registered agencies to enable you to access 3 days worth of food from your local foodbank.

Arhag holds vouchers for local foodbanks so if you are in crisis and need assistance please contact the Housing Team on 0207 424 7370.

Visit The Trussell Trust website to find your nearest foodbank and to see what other support is available for you.