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Out of Hours Emergency Repairs: 0800 389 8699 



We can provide advice and assisance to help save you money! 

Do you pay too much for your water and fuel bills? 

Do you have water, gas or electricity debt(s)? 

Do you need to check to make sure you are getting all that you are entitled to? 

If you require assistance with your houshold bills, or require a grant to help you purchase houshold goods such as an oven or fridge we can help!

We have a number of other grants available

  • Crisis 
  • Hardship
  • Thames Water
  • British Gas  

Just call any member of the housing team on 0207 424 7370 or email contact@arhag.co.uk to book an appointment with our independent benefit and debt advisor. 

Appointments are held every Monday at our Stratford Hostel, and every other Wednesday at our Kentish Town Office, due to popular demand, you must book an appointment! 

To help your appointment go smoothly, please ensure you bring your proof of income. 

We also have other grants available to assist you with the costs of employment and education for further information please contact any member of the housing team on 0207 424 7370 or via email at contact@arhag.co.uk