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Out of Hours Emergency Repairs: 0800 389 8699 

Benefits & Debt Advice

We are able to help with a whole host of issues, from Universal Credit, overpayments, maximising your benefits to increase your money, support with debts, grant and discretionary housing applications.

We offer free benefits and debt advice every Monday from our Keogh Road Hostel, or every other Wednesday at our Kentish Town Office.

To book a place with our advisor, please complete this online form and a member of the team will be in touch soon to book you a slot.

Help with Child Care Costs

You may be eligible to get help from the Government to pay for childcare, like childminders and nurseries.

You will usually qualify for extra tax credits to help you with childcare if;

  • You qualify for Working Tax Credits
  • You’re responsible for a child
  • You work at least 16 hours per week
  • The childcare you pay for is registered or approved.

Find our more information online here


Foodbanks are set up across London for people who are in crisis, vouchers can be given out by registered agencies to enable you to access 3 days worth of food from your local foodbank.

Arhag holds vouchers for local foodbanks so if you are in crisis and need assistance please contact the Housing Team on 0207 424 7370.