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Out of Hours Emergency Repairs: 0800 389 8699 

Estate Services

 Estate Insepections

Estate inspections are carried out by our housing officers and our cleaning and grounds maintenance contractors.

We carry out estate inspections on the following frequencies, Estates with:

  • 10 homes or more – inspection once a month
  • Less than 10 homes – inspection every quarter (three months)

Each scheme has an estate service specification. If you receive a cleaning and grounds maintenance service, and the service specification is missing from your notice board, please let us know.

Estate services, such as cleaning and grounds maintenance are graded Gold, Silver and Bronze (Gold being the highest grade). Residents are invited to join staff and contractors on estate inspections and take part in the grading of their estate. The grades for your estate will be displayed on the estate notice board and also on the website. 

Arhag provides an incentive for residents who take a regular part in estate inspections. View the Inspections Calendar or contact your housing officer for details of the next Inspection of your Estate.

Fire Safety

To ensure the health and safety of our residents, who live in blocks with communal shared areas such as hallways and stairs, we are obliged to ensure that such areas are free of fire hazards. Please find out more about your obligation as a resident to keep your Estate safe on our Fire Satety Page