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Anti Social Behaviour Explained

What is anti-social behaviour?

Anti social behaviour is usually a pattern of behaviour and it can include serious violence, racial and other forms of harassment, drug related activity to everyday incidents like noise nuisance. Examples include verbal abuse, assault, vandalism, threatening behaviour, loud music, vehicle related nuisance, excessive dog barking, pet fouling, theft, drug dealing, damage to Arhag property and rubbish dumping. Arhag will also support any criminal prosecutions recommended by the police.

What is not anti-social behaviour?

A one off incident would not usually be classed as anti-social behaviour, unless it relates to violence or threats of violence. Behaviour which results from different lifestyles or which would not be considered unreasonable by most people is not antisocial behaviour. It is important to be tolerant of other people’s lifestyle. In a large, multicultural city like London it is important that neighbours make an effort to get on. If you are experiencing a dispute with your neighbour, we can offer mediation to help you to resolve it. 

You and your Neighbours

We expect all residents to show consideration and respect for their neighbours. It is a breach of your Tenancy Agreement to behave in a way that causes nuisance or annoyance to others.

Violence against staff

Please ensure you treat our staff with the same respect you expect from them. Our staff are entitled to work without fear of abuse or harassment. We will not tolerate acts of violence, threats of violence or harassment towards our staff and will take action against any person.

To report instances of antisocial behaviour, harassment or domestic abuse, please Telephone on 020 7424 7370 or email:  contact@arhag.co.uk our use the on-line form.