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Fire Safety in Communal Areas

To ensure the health and safety of our residents who live in blocks with communal shared areas such as hallways and stairs, we are obliged to ensure that such areas are free of fire hazards. 

Residents are not permitted to use the communal areas to store household belongings, nor to have items such as flower pots in communal areas. A major factor in any building fire is smoke and household items etc. placed in communal areas can cause obstruction and trip hazzards in the event of evacuation from the building.

Where we discover any health and safety hazards in communal areas, we will serve notice by way of a letter to residents concerned. If these items are not cleared, Arhag will take action by instructing our contractors to collect and dispose of all offending items. The cost of carrying out the disposal will be re-charged to residents' service charges.

Where we have information about individuals who persitently create hazards in communal areas, we will take action to recharge costs individually and take action, including legal action, for breach of the tenancy agreement.