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Contractors Code of Conduct

The Standard

We hold an approved list of contractors for repairs and maintenance work. All have supplied references and signed a written code of conduct. This sets their standard of work and behaviour when working for us. We expect our contractors to keep to these standards, be culturally sensitive and treat you and your home with respect.

Contractors must:

  • Be on time for appointments. 
  • Leave a calling card if you are out when they arrive. 
  • Tell you their name and show you their photo identification cards before asking to come in, and if asked, give a contact number where you can check their identity.
  • Say clearly what they are going to do, when they will do it and how it will affect you.
  • They must let you know how the work is progressing and give you an aporximate completion time. 
  • Be polite and friendly. 
  • Wear clothes that identify the contracto.r 
  • Treat you and your home with respect at all times and bear in mind your cultural standards. 
  • Use dust sheets where the work is likely to cause a mess. 
  • Clear up any mess resulting from the work. 
  • Take all reasonable steps to keep your home and possessions safe and secure. 
  • Take all reasonable steps to keep you and your household safe while work is going on.
  • Keep keys to communal areas safe and return them to Arhag on completion of the works. 
  • Ask you to lock your pets out of the way before they come in. 
  • Tell us if you refuse to let them in when they need access to carry out work. 

Contractors must not:

  • Play radios, smoke or be under the influence of alcohol in or around your home. 
  • Use offensive language or behaviour in or around your home. 
  • Use your electricity supply, phone or toilet without your permission. 
  • Be in your home unless you or another responsible adult is there. 
  • Receive gifts from you or other residents. 
  • Accept or keep keys to your home.