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Repairs Policy

1.0 Introduction

Arhag as a landlord has a responsibility;
  • To ensure that the Association’s stock is maintained to a high standard.
  • To provide a day to day repairs service that enables repairs requested by tenants to be completed within target times, to customer satisfaction and at a value for money price.
  • To give tenants the opportunity to have an input into the decision making process.

2.0 Legal Framework

2.1 The Homes and Communities Agency regulates and monitors Registered Providers practices to ensure that the governing rules and regulations are adhered to at all times. The Regulatory framework for social housing in England 2012 was introduced from April 2012 and includes two main Consumer Standards related to repairs and maintenance. “Associations should provide and effective, efficient repairs service that meets the needs of tenants and balances planned and responsive repairs.”
2.2 This policy gives due regards to;
2.2.1 Landlord and Tenant Act 1985
2.2.2 Defective premises Act 1972
2.2.3 Environmental Protection Act 1990
2.2.4 Common hold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002
2.2.5 Health and Safety and related legislations
2.2.6 Housing Act 2004
2.2.7 Home Energy Conservation Act 1995
2.2.8 Disability Discrimination Act 2005
2.2.9 European Union procurement rules
2.3.0 Equalities Act 2010
2.3.1 Control of Asbestos Regulation 2012

3.0 Policy Statement

3.1 ARHAG aims to provide a responsive repairs service to its tenants and keep the stock in a good lettable condition. 
3.2 To provide a flexible, convenient and customer oriented repairs service that gives priority to the safety, comfort and convenience of tenants.
3.3 To meet ARHAG’s legal and contractual obligations
3.4 To ensure that the repairs service provided are cost effective and obtain the best value for tenants from available financial resources.
3.5 To ensure the principles of Health and Safety and equal opportunities are central to working procedures and practices.

4.0 Implication

4.1 Tenants will be informed of how to get their repairs done and a priority system is in operation to ensure that repairs are dealt with in an effective and efficient way.  
4.2 A 24 hour emergency service is provided 365 days of the year.
4.3 ARHAG will only use approved contractors that are contracted to carry out repairs and maintenance works to Arhag properties. 
4.4 ARHAG will recharge tenants for any costs incurred as a result of tenant neglect, damage, accident, and missed appointments or arising from a member of their household or their visitors.

5.0 Responsibility

5.1 It is the responsibility of the customer care administrators to process any request for repairs received by the association.
5.2 It is the responsibility of the building surveyors to carry out pre and post inspections and process any repairs required.
5.3 It is the responsibility of the Senior Customer Care administrator to ensure that repairs are processed and completed within the time limits allocated in accordance with priority.
5.4 It is the responsibility of the Head of Asset Management to ensure that this policy is adhered to and executed within the allocated budget.

6.0 Consultation

6.1 This policy will be reviewed in consultation with residents at least every two years.

7.0 Review and Board Approval

7.1 This policy will be reviewed every two years taking account of any changes to legislation that may occur.
Person Responsible for the review of this policy: Head of Asset Management
Date of this review: June 2013
Date of Board approval: July 2013
Date the next review is due: June 2015