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Report Fraud

Want to find out more about tenancy fraud? Check out our comprehensive guide. 

Please use this form to report suspected tenancy fraud. Please try and answer as many questions as possible to help us identify those committing fraud. If you wish to remain anonymous you do not have to leave your name and contact details.  

Address of the property:
Name of Tenant/ or previous known occupier
Name if known (if unknown, please enter any other details about the person(s) ).
If you are happy to leave your contact details, please do so in the box above. We may wish to get in touch with you for more information.
Data Protection: The information you provide will be used fairly and lawfully and ARHAG will not knowingly do anything that may lead to a beach of the Data Protection Act 1998. The information will not be disclosed to any other parties, including outside individuals or bodies. Your information may be passed to council services to help our investigations.