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Out of Hours Emergency Repairs: 0800 389 8699 

Text Messaging Service

We introduced our text messaging service a little while back as a way of communicating with all our residents.

Our Texting service number is 07811835835- please save this number to your mobile as "Arhag Texting Service". (Please note that we are unable to receive calls on this number)
This service allows us to interact in more ways with our residents. The system is really handy as it allows you to report a repair, request your rent balance, ask for your Housing Officer to call you back and more!**

If you have your mobile number registered with us, you will automatically be registered for this service, look out for our "Welcome Message". If you do not have your number registered with us? No worries, you can text "REG" to 07811835835 or call us on 020 7242 7370 to register.

We will send you reminders for your appointments such as repairs, surveyor inspections, tenancy visits and more, if at any point, your appointment is no longer convenient, you have the option to let us know and you will have the opportunity to call us to arrange a new appointment that is mutually convenient.

We will also use the text service to notify you of events, training, communal repairs and to conduct satisfaction surveys

You can text us any time of the day using the codes on the table below and you will receive a text back from Arhag with the information you have requested e.g. if you would like to report a repair, just text us the word "REPAIR" to 07811835835 and we will call you back to request further information:

Useful Codes to Request Information or a Service
REG To register for our texting service You will receive a message back thanking you for registering and then you will start to receive messages from us
BAL, BALANCE, or RENTBAL To request your current rent balance You will receive a message containing your current rent balance
PAID To find out your last payment information You will receive a message containing your last payment information
RENTCALL To request a callback from the Housing Services Team You will receive a message to acknowledge your request; A member of the Housing Team will contact you within two working days**
REPAIR To log a repair request You will receive a message to acknowledge your request; we will call you back within our working hours to request further information about your potential repair*

* Please do not use this service to report an out of hours emergency repair.  Please call the office in the normal way to report this
** our working hours are Monday to Friday 09:00 – 17:00 (Excluding Bank Holidays)