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About Your Rent

The rent and service charges paid by our residents is the main source of revenue that Arhag uses to maintain and improve our homes and services.

When you signed the tenancy agreement for your home, you entered into a commitment to pay the rent in full, in advance, every week.

Our preferred method is for you to pay your rent in advance by Standing Order or by Direct Debit. To set either of these up, please download our standing order or direct debit forms. You need contact your Housing Officer to obtain your rent account reference number before sending the forms to your bank. [Your account reference number will ensure that the money paid is allocated to your rent account without any complications].

If you have any difficulties paying your rent, contact your housing officer immediately. We can help you with maximising your income, through help with claiming benefits or with help managing your money. We have expert agencies that provide benefits advice and money management training for our residents.


We will take legal action for possession of your home if your rent is not paid, and your account falls into arrears. We do everything we can to help residents who find themselves in financial difficulties but we can and do, in the last resort, carry out evictions for rent arrears. In the last financial year (2012/13), 10 Arhag residents were evicted for rent arrears.