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Out of Hours Emergency Repairs: 0800 389 8699 


We recognise that harassment may take place as a result of someone’s (or a group’s) race, religion, sex, disability, sexuality or age. Sometimes harassment can be for other reasons as well.

To support and protect customers experiencing harassment, we will provide a supportive environment to encourage you to report it, give you information and advice, take action against those responsible if possible, provide a range of options to support you, work with relevant agencies if we cannot help and always make sure you are safe and we keep all information confidential. Find out more about our Harrassment Policy

We have a harassment clause in the tenancy agreement and there are a number of ways we can take action against those who carry out harassment. In harassment cases, we will contact you within 24 hours and work with you to agree an action plan for managing your case. This will include agreeing on how (and how often) we will communicate with you throughout the case.

To report instances of antisocial behaviour, harassment or domestic abuse, please Telephone on 020 7424 7370 or email:  contact@arhag.co.uk our use the on-line form.