When you become an Arhag tenant, you will be given a copy of our Resident's Tenancy Handbook. This includes all you need to know about your tenancy and what you can expect from us, and what we expect from you.

When you sign your tenancy agreement, you’re making a legally binding agreement with us to keep to the terms and accept the responsibilities of the agreement. As long as you meet your responsibilities as a tenant your home will not be put at risk.

Arhag offers four types of tenancy:

Assured Tenancy

An Assured Tenancy is a lifetime tenancy which allows you to stay at your property so long as you do not break your agreement and meet your responsibilities as a tenant. These tenancies were mainly issued between between 1989 and 2011. They are now only offered to:

  • Tenants who have successfully completed a starter tenancy which was granted before 2011
  • A mutual exchange from an existing assured tenant
  • A transfer of a resident from a different local authority who has an assured tenancy with another housing association.

Five Year fixed Term

From April 2012, five-year, fixed term tenancies came into effect to replace Assured Tenancies. Six to nine months before the end of your tenancy we will review your tenancy record which will take into account any change in your financial or family circumstances, your rental payment history, behaviour, and whether your home is still suitable for your needs.

If the review has a satisfactory outcome we may grant you a renewed fix term tenancy. You can appeal if the review concludes to terminate your tenancy without a rehousing option.

Assured Shorthold

These tenancies have less security of tenure than Assured Tenancies. We will only issue them in limited circumstances.

Starter Tenancies

Starter tenancies have a probationary period of one year and, during this time, you’ll be an assured shorthold tenant. On review of the probationary period, we have the right to terminate, or to offer you continued, tenancy. In some circumstances we can extend the probationary period.

Are you looking to move home? If so, there are a number of different options.

If you are looking to move home, you may be able to transfer to another Arhag property, or to a property owned by another social landlord either a Local Authority or Housing Association. 

You may want to move home because of overcrowding, under occupying (bedroom tax), or medical issues. 

Arhag can rehouse tenants who are not in rent arrears, do not have a pending court hearing because of a serious breach of their tenancy agreement, and are not subject to anti-social behaviour action. 

If you want to transfer, complete a  transfer application form.

If you want to transfer due to medical issues, please complete the medical assessment form (attach) 

It is important to note that Arhag has a limited number of properties, so when completing the Application Form, you should be open to location, as this will increase you chance of finding a suitable home. 

Arhag has signed up to Home Swapper to allow our residents to register their property and search for a new home outside of Arhag. Home Swapper is an internet based mutual exchange system that allows you to exchange homes with another person and is accessible on computers and mobile devices. 

Once you have found a person you wish to swap homes with, you can complete the Mutual Exchange  form and return it to Arhag. Your exchange Partner must do the same with their Landlord. 

If you are looking for a new home, register on Home Swapper now. 

Once Arhag has received your Mutual Exchange form, you will be notified whether your application has been refused, consented, or conditional consent within six weeks (42 days)

If you need assistance completing your Home Swapper registration and searching for a new home, you can contact your Housing Officer on 0207 424 7370 who will be happy to help. 

If you are considering looking for a new home on the private market, websites such as Gumtree, Zoopla, Rightmove, and OpenRent may be useful. 

All tenants are obliged to give 28 days notice unless you are transferring into another Arhag property or taking part in an approved mutual exchange. This notice period is contained in your tenancy agreement. 

Your tenancy will always be ended on the Sunday following the return of the keys as all our tenancies are weekly commencing on a Monday. You must ensure all your rent is paid, you return all of the keys, empty the property, ensure it is left in a good condition, and any gas/electric cards/keys are returned. 

Please complete the attached tenancy surrender form. Tenants are liable for the rent until the return of all keys, the property is empty of possessions, and any gas/electric card/keys are returned.

Where a Notice of Termination is received and no keys have been returned by 12.00 noon of the date of termination, we will visit the property to check occupancy and make arrangements to force entry/change locks as appropriate.

Where neither a Notice of Termination or keys are received, we will treat the property as being abandoned and commence court action for possession. The registered tenant will still be liable for the rent until we obtain vacant possession of the property.