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Senior Management Team

Cedric Boston (Chief Executive)

Cedric became Chief Executive of Arhag Housing Association on 16th May 2016 and has over...

Ade Oke (Head of Asset Management)

Ade has over 20 years’ experience within the Housing Sector on both Housing Management and Maintenance...

Tina Bull (Head of Housing )

Tina joined Arhag on 3 October 2016 with over 21 years of experience in social housing. This experience includes resident involvement, housing...

Clive Green
Clive Green (Head of Quality & Performance)

Clive has over 28 years experience working in Social Housing.  Clive has been the CEO of a small, specialist,...

Cornelius Sanwo (Head of Finance & IT)

Cornelius joined Arhag in April 2007.

Other Staff

Christopher Adegoroye (Housing Operations Manager)
April Aul (Tenancy Officer)
Abayomi Alonge (Income Maximisation Officer)
Isaac Negedu (Income Maximisation Officer)
Anne Archer (Income Maximisation Officer)
Mathew Akueme (Tenancy Officer)
Abeer Suleiman (Tenancy Officer)
Lena Renghen (Business Analyst)
Beatrice Amon (Trainee Accountant)
Lurline Cumberbatch (Senior Customer Care Administrator)
Kingsley Falola (Building Surveyor)
Victor Edeki (Building Surveyor)
Celeste Camayah (Customer Care Administrator & Receptionist)
Irene Apio (Customer Care Administrator)
Abby Akinola (Senior Accountant )

Safaa Hammoud (Trainee Accountant)
Garym Lambert (Tenancy Fraud Officer)
Sainga Tony (Welfare Reform Project Officer)
William Rickett (Communications & Engagement Officer)
Kelvin Okotume (Trainee Surveyor)