Arhag and Soul Purpose 360: Empowering Black Women to become Changemakers

Tuesday, October 31, 2023

During Black History Month, at ARHAG we are highlighting this year's theme 'Saluting our Sisters.' That's why we contacted Palma Black, the founder of Soul Purpose 360, an organisation that offers personal and community development coaching for Black and minoritised women, aiming to transform mindsets and improve lives significantly.

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As a migrant and refugee housing association, our mission is to not only provide services for our residents but to provide a springboard for those who need it to drastically better their lives and realise the vast potential they possess. But this cannot be achieved through our efforts alone, which is why we feel it’s important to shine a light on impactful organisations that share our desire and commitment to providing crucial support to our community.

At Arhag, we believe in building strong connections with organisations that enhance the wellbeing of our residents. That's why we contacted Palma Black, the founder of Soul Purpose 360, a social enterprise dedicated to empowering Black and minoritised women through coaching and mentoring. Inspired by her own experiences, Palma started Soul Purpose in 2019 to help Black and minoritised women unlock their full potential.

Palma experienced deep personal loss when her sister passed away from cancer in 2018. Her sister's battle with cancer, revealed the impact of self-limiting beliefs on her happiness and self-esteem. During her final years, Palma and her sister discussed the importance of living fulfilled lives and the role of personal confidence and self-worth. With over 25 years in social housing, Palma witnessed the challenges faced by the struggles of Black and minoritised women in the UK, often internalised, limiting their potential. This motivated Palma to believe in the power of personal development coaching within a supportive community to empower women as catalysts for positive change.

Soul Purpose 360 serves as a supportive community network and a safe space for members to support each other, share helpful guidance and discuss personal experiences. Today, we would like to highlight two personal experiences that exemplify the work of Soul Purpose 360 and the immense support that Soul Purpose 360 provides. Francine had a history of stress-related illnesses, which even led to a heart attack and contributed towards her Type–2 diabetes, severely impacting Francine’s capacity to work and find fulfilment in her life. After a series of coaching and mentoring sessions, Francine quickly grew in confidence and went on to found a successful health related social enterprise for the Black and minority ethnic community using her lived-experience as inspiration.

There’s also Leah, who suffered from ill-health and social alienation, and through several sessions was empowered to pursue her dream of becoming a Caribbean artist and storyteller. She is now an established children’s author and artist, and now takes enormous fulfilment in encouraging and supporting others.

Reflecting on the significance of Black History Month, Palma Black said “It’s important that we use this month to recognise and reflect on the structural inequalities Black and minoritised women regularly face. By working together, we can continue to raise awareness and provide crucial support to members of our community”.

Arhag is honoured to highlight the work of impactful organisations such as Soul Purpose 360. Together, we’re jointly committed to growing a strong support network, helping people to lead happy, fulfilling lives and giving them the security and confidence to realise their true potential. At Arhag, we are committed to working closely with organisations like Soul Purpose 360 and offering ongoing opportunities and support to maximise our impact on the lives of those who live in an Arhag home.

For more information about Soul Purpose 360 and the services they provide, please visit:

Twitter: @soulpurpose360

FB: Soul Purpose 360

Instagram: Soul Purpose 360

LinkedIn: Palma Black, Soul Purpose 360