Arhag proudly supports HAWA MCS Iftar Project

Friday, April 26, 2024

Arhag contributed hot meals for HAWA MCS's Eid day celebrations, as part of the Iftar Project to provide cultural foods to migrants and refugees observing Ramadan within the St Albans area

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Arhag proudly supported HAWA Multicultural Services (HAWA MCS), led by the inspiring Rushna Miah and Zia Kiani, in their Iftar Project which distributed iftar meals to refugees and migrants within the St Alban’s area. Arhag contributed to fund meals for HAWA’s Eid Day celebrations.

What is HAWA MSC?

HAWA MCS is a support network for ethnically diverse communities in the Hertfordshire area established in 2008. The organisation provides a wide range of help and support, including encouragement into education and employment opportunities, and empowering women to seek connections with local community groups. HAWA’s impactful work in the community has received praise from elected members and a Queen’s Award for voluntary service in 2022. They have been providing valuable support for people seeking asylum and refugees for several years now.

The Iftar project

The HAWA MCS Iftar Project was supported by grants received from Herts Community Foundation, funded by Hertfordshire County Council as part of the Government’s Household Support Fund, and Arhag. The project involved distributing food for Iftar to help refugees and migrants in the St Alban’s area, to provide essential support for many vulnerable individuals and families across Hertfordshire. Testimonies from people seeking asylum and refugees who attended the celebration of Eid Day underscore the impact of this initiative.

Aalia, originally from Trinidad and Tobago, said ‘I currently live in the Asylum Seeker Hotel. I would like to thank HAWA Multicultural Services for providing not only me and my family but other Muslim families who live here as well with hot meals in order for us to break our fast and with food on Eid day. I think it’s a good and important act the HAWA Multicultural Services is doing special in this holy month to feed someone who is in need and also fasting. May the Almighty Allah reward this foundation immensely so that you can continue doing this good work Ameen.’

Another person, who preferred to remain anonymous, added “On behalf of the Muslims in the Asylum seeker and refugee Hotel, I would like to thank HAWA Multicultural services for supplying us with this wonderful, delicious food for Eid and for helping to make our Ramadan and Eid a joyous one. May the Almighty Allah reward this foundation immensely for the services they provide’.

Over the holy month of Ramadan, many vulnerable Muslims struggle to afford food to break their fasts, as the cost-of-living crisis continues to worsen poverty levels in the UK. Migrants and refugees are finding it more difficult to observe Ramadan due to worsening food scarcity and access to cultural foods to break their fast. Through collaboration with our impactful partner groups and organisations, we can guarantee all Muslims in the UK the opportunity to observe Ramadan, regardless of background.

HAWA MCS co-founder Rushna Miah said “The holy month of Ramadan is tremendously important to British Muslims across the UK. We wanted to provide a friendly and safe environment for our community to enjoy Eid day. This prompted us to set up the Iftar Project, providing and distributing meals for Iftar and allowing vulnerable Muslims the opportunity to participate in Ramadan. This would not be possible without the kindness and commitment of our sponsors, we thank Arhag for their support in funding meals for our Eid Day celebrations”.

Chris Harris, Chief Executive at Arhag, added “The important work of organisations such as HAWA MCS is crucial in providing support for vulnerable refugees and migrants. In the spirit of Ramadan, we are proud to work with Rushna and provide sponsorship for the Iftar Project, funding the distribution of meals to support migrant and refugee communities in Hertfordshire”.

HAWA MCS runs regular community groups, offering refugees and migrants opportunities to socialise and form strong community connections. For example, some initiatives include regular meetings in a day centre and fitness classes in women-only spaces. To find out more, please visit the HAWA website or call the HAWA team at 07786530751.