BME National – stronger as one

Saturday, October 07, 2023

Arhag proudly collaborates with BME National, a coalition of 45 housing associations dedicated to supporting Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) residents and addressing housing inequalities.

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As a proud and valued member of BME National, Arhag has been an influential in curating the collective response to critical issues impacting migrants and refugees. BME National’s recent statement on the government’s Illegal Migration Bill is an important example.

Our role as a key member of BME National

BME National is a collective of over 45 housing associations, all untied by one common goal - to support and represent Black and Minority Ethnic residents. Our partnership represents a commitment to addressing housing inequalities, advocating for positive change for BME communities.

Collaboration between likeminded housing associations allows us to create a strong voice, advocating on issues that matter to us all, as one collective force. BME National also provides a channel for information to flow between organisations – a way of sharing knowledge, learnings, and best practice.

Fundamentally, the collective draws attention to the housing inequalities BME communities face – working constructively with policymakers, stakeholders and partner organisations to campaign for progressive change.

The importance of representation

Black and Minority Ethnic people are three times more likely to live in social housing. BME communities are disproportionately affected by homelessness and other forms of housing stress: overcrowding, poor housing, fuel poverty, for example.

One of the key strengths of BME National, is that through its member housing associations, it is committed to being local, approachable, and responsive to the residents it serves.

While the importance of race in shaping experiences of social housing is gaining some recognition, more work is needed to deliver better housing outcomes for these communities across the country.

BME National’s Conference

Each year, BME National holds its annual conference – a way of getting together to knowledge share among the social housing sector. Arhag’s chief executive Chris and director or property Shabana were there in 2022, engaging with key speakers including the deputy mayor of London for housing.

BME National will be holding its 2023 Autumn conference in October, again at Friends House in central London. Contributions will be made by director of Reframing Race Dr Sanjiv Langayah, and leader at the Regulator of Social Housing Kate Dodsworth, among others.

We encourage you to come along and attend the conference, too. It is a fantastic opportunity to hear from, and speak with, experts and leading figures in the social housing industry. Sign up here.

How to stay in touch, and find out more

You can find out more about BME National on their website, Also, why not stay up-to-date with activity by following BME National on LinkedIn and Twitter/X.

Arhag is also a member of other collaborative organisations, such as the g320, BME London Landlords (BMELL) and the National Housing Federation (NHF).