K&T Heating Open Day 11th May 2024

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Our repairs contractor K&T Heating is holding its Open Day on Saturday 11th May at their Head Office in Dartford.

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Our repairs contractor, K&T Heating, is looking to recruit up to an additional 25 new apprentices in gas, electrical, renewable heating, and business administration roles for the next college intake, which starts in September/October 2024.

K&T Heating Open Day on Saturday 11th May is an opportunity for the younger generation and parents/carers to come and meet employees of K&T, including current apprentices and senior management, to understand how the apprentice scheme works and develop a pathway into the industry.


The video link contains a QR code at the end, which needs to be scanned to receive an invite. Alternatively, follow the link to register, and you can also send your CV to careers@ktheating.co.uk.

K&T Heating Apprenticeship Open Day 11th May