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Our Publications

This sections contains our publications, please click on the relveant section below to find out more:

Business Plan

Our performance against the Business Plan targets is monitored and reported quarterly to the Senior Management Team and the Board.

You can view Arhag's 2017-2022 Business Plan. You can also view our Annual Plan for 2017-2018.  

Annual Reports

This section of our publications contains Annual Reports for the last few years.

Residents Annual Report 2019

Residents Annual Report 2018

Residents Annual Report 2017

Financial Statements  

This section contains copies of the Association's audited accounts for the last three financial years.

ARHAG Annual Accounts to 31 March 2019

ARHAG Annual Accounts to 31 March 2018

ARHAG Annual Accounts to 31 March 2017 

All of our board members are remunirated. This is allowed by our rules, the Regulator of Social Housing, and the National Housing Federation. Each board member receives £1,500 per annum, expect the Chair of the Board who received £4,000 per annum. 

Resident Newsletters

Arhag News Winter 2019

Arhag News Summer 2019

Arhag News Winter 2018

Arhag News Summer 2018