Our tenant satisfaction survey – we would like to hear your views

Friday, June 02, 2023

It is essential to collect feedback, assess our progress, and identify areas for improvement. That's why we value your views - to align our energy and resources with your priorities.

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Over the past year, we have been busy working to make improvements and efficiencies to the services we provide. For example, we have enhanced our repairs service by partnering with MNM Property Services along with K&T Heating. In the Spring, we held our first residents’ conference for a number of years, while we have been strengthening our internal and external voice by refreshing our website and communicating with you more frequently.

As with any period of change, it is important to gather feedback on the decisions taken and reflect on the areas we are moving forward in, and the areas where we can do better. This is why we are asking for your views – to ensure we are directing our energy and resources in the areas you want us to.

We are working with a market research company called Acuity to carry out a series of telephone surveys with residents. It is a general satisfaction survey based on perception, asking residents what they think about their home and the housing services Arhag provides. We will use the feedback to understand how we can improve and better serve you as the customer.

The questions are based on the new Tenant Satisfaction Measures introduced by the Regulator of Social Housing in April. Once we have gathered the feedback, we will share the results with you.

Who will be contacted?

Acuity will be gathering feedback four times a year, with the aim of interviewing 75 tenants each time. The first round of surveys will start in June - each survey should take residents no longer than 8 to 10 minutes to complete.

Who is Acuity?

Acuity Research & Practice (Acuity) provide resident satisfaction surveys and benchmarking services, helping housing providers to improve services and engage with their residents. It has been supporting the social housing sector for over 25 years.

What number should you look out for?

If you receive a call, the number displayed will be 0203 769 4487, which is a Brighton area code. You can save this number to the contacts in your phone, and then you will know it is Acuity, should you receive a call.

When can you expect a call?

Acuity only makes calls between the hours of 9am - 8pm Monday to Friday, and 10am - 6pm on Saturdays. Interviewers allow the telephone to ring for a minimum of 25 seconds, or until the voicemail system starts.

Is the survey confidential and anonymous?

The survey is strictly confidential, meaning your information will only be shared with Arhag. You can request your answers are shared with Arhag anonymously during the call, meaning there is no way of identifying your name with the responses given.

Does the survey meet data protection and quality standards?

Yes, all the calls are recorded for training and quality purposes. Acuity is a company partner member of the Market Research Society and is registered with the Information Commissionaires Office, and in line with the Data Protection Act is not permitted to release any details to any other organisation.

Under the Data Protection Act, Acuity is not permitted to release any information that would allow an individual to be identified without their prior active consent to do so.

All research projects are carried out in conformity with ISO20252:2019 which is the quality standard for market research companies. Acuity is company member of the Market Research Society and adheres to the MRS Code of Conduct.

Why have we chosen to do this now?

As mentioned above, feedback from you is important to keep us on the right track. This is why we are opening this feedback loop, in tandem with the wider housing association sector. As an industry, it recognises a need to be led by the residents’ voice.

Who can I contact if I have a question?

If you have a query about the survey that has not been addressed here, you can contact Tina Bull at Arhag on 0207 424 7370 or contact@arhag.co.uk , or Heather Metivier at Acuity on 0203 769 4487 or helpdesk@arap.co.uk. You can find out more about Acuity Research & Practice Limited at www.arap.co.uk.